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Easily find homes by area with the Property Map Easily find homes by area with the Property Map

Easily find homes by area with the Property Map
6 June 2022

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The property map is a unique and exclusive feature for members of the MLS - Mediaelx. It is a very useful function that facilitates the day to day life of the real estate agent, and especially convenient for international clients, when looking for houses according to their location.

Often agents need to search for homes by areas and the only resource they have is a simple drop-down menu where you click and a long list of locations appears, some more well-known than others, but it is impossible to contextualise. This shortcoming has led us to create a section within the intranet (MAP - MENU) where you can do your searches by looking at a map. Now, at a glance, it is possible to see all the properties in a province, zone/area or town.

What can you do with the property map?

Working with a property map will help you to go faster when you need to urgently search for houses in an area. Imagine that a client asks you for houses in Albaida and in your portfolio you don't have any property in that same location. You quickly enter the MLS - Mediaelx, access the "Map" section, filter with the word "Albaida" and in a few seconds you will have in front of you a map with all the houses in that location. You will have total freedom to:

  • Open the map and zoom in (+) to see the street in detail, the neighbouring villages or stop at a specific property file.
  • Close the map (-) or zoom out to get an idea of all the houses currently on the market.
  • Filter by "Operations", "Type", "Province", "Zone/Area", "Town", etc. so that the map reflects exactly what you are looking for at that moment and you don't get lost in your objective.

As you will have seen, the map search saves you a lot of time, as well as being a reference for some international agents who may not know some inland towns or more specific areas. Therefore, we encourage you to start working today with this convenient tool that will help you search for homes more quickly in a specific area.

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